Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Degradation of the Right Continues- Episode about a Million and a Half

Most of my coverage of the right on this blog has been in the form of short excerpts followed by ridicule.  Really, that is all the lies and smears that make up Conservative thinking deserve, but occasionally, I find something I want to deal with at greater length.  Here is an example that I think calls for extended treatment, as it shows the malignant intellectual bankruptcy that makes up the core of Conservative cant.  It is the second part of an extended hallucination about the connection between the Nazis and American liberals, written by an ignorant, stupid man by the name of Ellis Washington, formerly of the Rutherford Institute, an organization dedicated to promoting fantasies about the alleged persecution of Christians in the United States.  Anyway, let's get on with it.  What follows is most of this article; I've left out the most boring parts.

Over the last decade or so, I have taken an active interest in Germany, from its modern inception at the hands of Kaiser Wilhelm I and Bismarck in 1871, up to the demise of the Third Reich in 1945.  I cannot claim to be a trained scholar on this subject, but I have read fifty or a hundred books on the subject, and think I can speak with some confidence about what happened.  Before getting to this execrable pile of nonsense, I just want to state that I am posting this information because I believe there should be a record kept of this sort of evil, not because I believe that many people will want to immerse themselves in it.  So, if you get a little past this point and decided that this sickening garbage is beyond what you want to expose yourselves to, I won't be surprised.

Well, hold your breath; in we go:

"According to the Holocaust Encyclopedia and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial archives the so-called 'Night of the Long Knives' or Rohm's Purge took place "between June 30 and July 2, 1934, the Nazi Party leadership, on the order of Nazi Party Leader and Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler, purged the leadership of the Nazi paramilitary formation, the Sturmabteilungen (Storm Troopers; SA). The Nazi leaders took advantage of the purge to kill other political enemies, primarily on the German nationalist right... Known as the "Night of the Long Knives" 

The implication being that Hitler attacked the German right because he was left wing.  This is one of the great lies of the American right; Hitler defined his party around opposition to Communism and Socialism, and allied himself with other right wing parties, as all decent human beings know.  If you are not familiar with it, the "Night of the Long Knives" involved the murder of about a thousand people who were seen by Hitler as threats to his power within the Nazi party; they were right wing because all Nazis were right wing.  Any left wing opposition figures had already been either killed or imprisoned in concentration camps by Hitler within months   after he took power in January, 1933.

"In order to hide, to deceive the many and obvious historical precedents of Hitler and the concurrent Democrat Socialist Party, particularly under the administrations of Woodrow Wilson and FDR, LBJ and Obama, their Progressive consensus view of history scrupulously hides any and all historical comparisons and similarities to their Socialist political cousins in Germany"

None of which exist, except in the malicious propaganda of the right, as anyone who continues reading shall see.

"...yet one obvious Nazi tactic called the Night of the Long Knives has so many political connections to the politics of today, only the most partisan or willfully ignorant can be blind to these similarities."

Because Obama has so often resorted to the wholesale murder of his fellow party members.

"One undeniable fact of history is that Adolph Hitler and the Nazis...derived almost all of their demonic ideas from the past, from history especially from the Democrat Socialist Party in America, or as I more accurately call them "Holocaust Democrats."

It would have been far more decent if they had derived their ideas from the future, I guess.  Of course, we need not observe the fact that the Republicans derive their ideas from their own past: the same mindless service to the rich which has been their only raison d'etre for a century now.

"President Obama a Democrat Socialist, like Chancellor Hitler, a National Socialist,"

Oh, Obama is just like Hitler.  Right.  Within six months of taking power he made all other parties illegal, did away with labor unions, dissolved the Congress and got the new one, elected in an environment of partisan thuggery in which all meetings of other parties were broken up by mobs of armed thugs (surely, you remember the numerous incidents when Obama resorted to this,) to give him absolute power.  Then, he opened concentration camps all over the country where he imprisoned virtually everyone in political life who opposed him.  Well, that's what Hitler did, so I guess Obama did it too.

 "...can tolerate no opposition to their tyrannical power and thus through political expediency in his rise to power Hitler tolerated and used his SA Chief of Staff Ernst Rohm and his longtime friend to exploit for political ends his expanded force of nearly three million men, nevertheless after 18 months in office Hitler was now ready to solidify his absolute rule as Germany's messiah by murdering the only man who had comparable power to him, Ernst Rohm."

Just like Obama.  Remember him murdering Joe Biden, Hillary and other leaders of the Democratic party?    Mr. Washington continues:

"Likewise Obama having won a stunning and surprising political victory over the Democrat presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton in 2008 and 2012 must now eradicate (metaphorically speaking) his political enemy from obtaining power in 2016 by leaking embarrassing info about the Benghazi murders and highly classified email Hillary which she her staff held and sent on her personal computer server. These Obama tactics have caused Hillary to drop so precipitously in the polls that its caused her rival, the Socialist Bernie Sanders (D-VT) to come within 7 points of Hillary in the latest polls."

So:  Obama, and not the treacherous Republicans, is behind the Benghazi lies and the persecution of Hillary for releasing "highly classified e-mail," something which, of course never happened.  And by the way, undercutting a fellow politician is apparently the same thing as murdering them.  If so, why are the 47 Republicans who wrote a seditious letter to Israel attempting to destroy an Obama political initiative not in prison?  Actually, I've been wondering about that one for a while, but let's just move on here.

"According to the Holocaust Encyclopedia, "Hitler tasked Himmler and the SS with carrying out the purge. On June 28, Hitler ordered Röhm to assemble the top SA leaders at a Bavarian spa in Bad Wiessee. SS units, commanded by Dachau concentration camp commandant Theodor Eicke, surprised the SA leaders on the morning of June 30 and transported them to Munich's Stadelheim prison. There SS men shot most of them."

Just like Obama.

"Historically speaking deeds of genocidal and unexpected acts of barbarity have always been a favorite tactic by tyrants throughout the ages."

Really?  Who knew?  I thought tyrants worked primarily through free ice cream and pony rides..

"Historical examples comparable to Nazi purges is how at the 1972 Democrat Convention, the party was purged of all so-called "moderate" or "liberals" and the Progressives, Socialists and Communists took over the Democrat Party with their candidate Walter Mondale as their chosen leader."

I.e. Mondale won the nomination.  That is comparable to the murder of a thousand people.  May I note that this happened when Obama was eleven years old, but was already apparently capable of carrying out acts of Hitlerian evil.

"The 1950's vanilla America depicted in TV shows like 'I Love Lucy' or 'Leave it to Beaver' was forever dead in America who under the Democrat Socialists would have her own Night of the Long Knives 40 years after Hitler and the Nazis."

The Democrats killed fifties TV shows!  That's sort of the same as killing real people, I guess. And while we are on the subject, I seem to remember Lucy having a couple of Cuban-American anchor babies! Well, Ricky, in the show, was Cuban, so I suppose Obama should be credited with killing off an imaginary Communist.  That would be okay, I guess.

"...the political, tactical murders by Hitler of June 30-July 2 epitomized a critical period of Nazi era history in regards of the Nazi's willingness to deconstruct the rule of law and the standards of civilized society to use democide (State sponsored genocide of its own citizens) for the advancement of the Nazi Aryan State."

Democide.  Boy, Obama has been up to a lot of that, yes sir.

"Nazi Pretext against Homosexuals, Obama Pretext for Homosexuals"

Same thing, really- I'm sure you can see that.  Taking the exact opposite position proves they are exactly the same.

"The great German historian William Shirer..."

German historian?  Shirer was an American Jew.  I've read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich a couple of times.  It, and other Shirer works like Berlin Diary, are highly valuable, because as a journalist, Shirer was present at practically all the major events in the history of the Nazi party, from 1933 until he had to leave Germany after it declared war on the U.S. at the end of 1941.  This included the Munich Conference, the surrender at Compiegne and virtually every major speech of Hitler during the period.  However, many of his conclusions have not withstood the test of time, particularly due to the massive German release of millions of pages of internal Nazi government documents in the mid-1990's.

"...in his classic opus on Hitler and the Nazi Era, The Rise and Fall of Third Reich, eloquently described how masterfully Hitler used the tactic of the pretext to take a quantum leap in power acquisition, for example Hitler and Goering's role in the Reichstag fire were just three weeks after being voted Chancellor of German, the German Reichstag (Parliament) building was burned to the ground. Hitler immediately exploited that crises to murder over 1,000 people (mostly his Communist Party rivals) in a series of Nazi show trials as a cover up for his and Goering's crimes of burning down the Reichstag."
Among those documents released in the 1990's were communications making it clear that the top Nazis had nothing to do with the Reichstag fire; they certainly exploited it, but they do not appear to have caused it. But in light of the rampant madness underlying Mr. Washington's article, that is the least of his problems with the truth.

 "Cui bono? – Who benefits? Historian Shirer wrote:It will be remembered that the aged President [Hindenburg] was bamboozled into signing the decree the day after the Reichstag fire when Hitler assured him that there was grave danger of a Communist revolution. The decree, which suspended all civil rights, remained in force throughout the time of the Third Reich, enabling the Fuehrer to rule by a sort of continual martial law."

Again, just like Obama, right?  Remember when Obama suspended all civil rights?

"Therefore whether you refer to the Beer Hall Putsch, the Reichstag Fire, the Enabling Acts, the 1935 Nuremberg Laws against the Jews, the Anschluss (annexation) of Austria in March 1938, the Annexation of Czechoslovakia in Sept. 1938, the invasion of Poland on Sept. 1, 1939 which unleashed World War II, etc., etc...it's always the same historical refrain – Pretext – Pogrom (Purge) – Policy. Thus history is an existential pattern of glory and grotesqueries of man. We saw it in Hitler's "continual marital law" or what Lenin's Head of the Red Army, Leon Trotsky would call "the Perpetual Revolution" years before to identify the comprehensive means and ends of Communist Revolution. This is the historical legacy of the Democrat Socialist Party."

First of all, there were indeed those in the Nazi party who did advocate a doctrine similar to that of "perpetual revolution."  The leader of this faction was Ernest Rohm, the main target of the Night of the Long Knives.  Once Hitler was elected, he had no more use for revolution.  In fact, the entire motivation of the Night of the Long Knives was to put an end to this notion.

Secondly, the claim that  "this is the historical legacy of the Democrat Socialist Party." is arrant, malignant nonsense, so far from any connection with the truth that there is no real way to talk about it rationally.

"In modern times (circa 1900 – present) the Communist-Progressive Revolution under the Democrat Socialist Party has since Mondale's 1972 Purge at the Democrat National Convention solidified its power over all 50 states in America, but this fascist revolution, this Cultural Marxist worldview has spread to one degree or another to every country in Europe, Russia, China, the Middle East, South America... all over the world."

On some other planet, perhaps.  Again, this is so far detached from reality that there is no rational way to deal with it.

" In rationalizing the assassinations, Nazi Party officials used Röhm and the SA's known homosexual acts against them for propaganda ends. Goebbels argued that Röhm and his SA's homosexual acts would weakened both the moral strength of the Nazi movement and threatened national security... yet Röhm's death functioned as an self-serving excuse for Himmler and the Criminal Police detective force to increase its persecutions of homosexuals by expanding the types of prosecutable homosexual acts and increasing the punishment for sentences on charges of homosexual acts."

Just like Obama and the "Holocaust Democrats."  Actually, this sounds like the agenda of a large number of members of a different political party in the U.S; we need not mention any names at present.  I'm sure you can figure it out if you are interested.

"Once again Hitler's fascist tactics have been used by the Obama Socialist Party for decades. For example, during the socially turbulent 1960s the radical terrorist organization, Student for a Democratic Society (SDS) had a mantra – The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution."

Bullshit.  I was a member of the SDS for years, and I never heard any such thing.

 "A few year later came the publication of his how-to-book to destroy America, Christianity and Capitalism from within called Rules for Radicals (1971) by the Socialist Saint Saul Alinsky, beloved by both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the latter who did her senior thesis on Alinsky at Wellesley College (1968). Rule No. 12 says Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it. Alinsky's opus is the strategic and tactical political blueprint for Holocaust Democrats in modern times."

Alinsky.  Of course, people like Ellis rely on the fact that not one American in ten thousand knows a thing about Alinsky, or is aware that no one except a few effete liberal intellectuals like a Wellesley girl might have given a damn about him.  I was present for a lot of what went on in the anti-Vietnam movement, and I can guarantee you that no one cared a whit about Alinsky.  We were too busy reading works by real revolutionaries like Lenin (and turning cop cars over.)

"Finally, Obama's former Chief of Staff and current Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel always said, "Never allow a crisis to go to waste." These and other Socialist tactics and phrases were specifically designed to seize and wield absolute power over their political enemies ('We the People'); they haven't changed since the days of Hitler and the Nazi Party's rise to power in the 1920s-40s."


"President Obama's policies towards special treatment of homosexuals has caused the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) agenda to expand quickly and exponentially beyond even their wildest dreams."

Just like in Nazi Germany, where they...oh wait, they killed them in Nazi Germany.  Oh well, almost the same, right?  The fact that Obama has done the exact opposite of what Hitler did proves that he is just like Hitler.  That must be clear to everyone.  As this jackass says:

"It doesn't matter what your views are on homosexuality...In the 1930s and 40s Nazi history demonstrated the Nazi pretext against the homosexuals and since 2009 Obama's Holocaust Democrat policies demonstrated a pretext for Homosexuals" 

Amazing.  How do you twist your mind to accept something like that?

"Like Hitler, Obama uses the same tactics of elevating a favored minority group like the LGBT community, illegal aliens, the Feminists, the Abortion Gestapo, or the "Black Lives Matter" Movement and using them to denigrate and deconstruct your real enemies including conservatives, Christians, pro-Israel Jews, the Tea Party, pro-gun Americans, business owners, and generally everyone who believes in American exceptionalism, Veritas (truth), Natural Law and God."

Because that is exactly what Hitler did- elevate favored minority groups over the great majority of Christian, Aryan Germans.  That's exactly what Naziism was all about, in the upside down, lying world of American Conservatives.

So, let me ask you, how does a person even tell a lie so bankrupt?  How does someone twist their mind and their sense of decency this way?  Can they not realize what it means when they can only "justify" their chosen doctrine through turning things on their heads, and fabricating a completely inside out version of world history?

And perhaps more importantly, what does it mean for the future that a very sizable part of the American public has licensed itself to lie and cheat, to engage in any underhanded conduct, to pretend to believe lies, to get what it wants?  And when it utterly ignores the very real fact that it is they who are aping the behavior of their right wing fellow, Hitler, and they who are willingly allowing dictatorship to arise in the United States?

As I said above, I don't expect that very many people made it to the end of  this pile of malignant rubbish.  Thanks to anyone who did.  I wish I could end on a more positive note, but I can't.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

More Border Wall, Yay!

Well, here is a really meaningful proposal:  Scott Walker, floundering in near irrelevance as a result of the work of Donald Trump, suggested today on Meet the Press that the United States cannot be content with a border wall between us and Mexico; we must also build one between the U.S. and Canada.

Well, as Mr. Walker should know, being a governor of a State right across Lake Superior from Canada, the border between the United States and Canada, the longest border between any two countries on earth, stretches for 5,525 miles.

Current costs for the construction of border walls along the Mexican border are running at around $7.5 million a mile. The cost varies dramatically depending on the terrain, but using this as an average, we are looking at about $42 billion just to build the thing- about ten percent of next year's projected budget deficit.  Then, of course, there is the fact that the wall would be a useless boondoggle unless it is constantly patrolled along its entire length.  I'd say they would need at least one border patrol agent for every mile, times three for the three shifts in a day- about 15,000 new employees.  That would cost, with fringes, well over a billion dollars a year, plus the cost of equipping them with military level equipment.  And all for nothing but jingoism and fearmongering.

But of course, the whole Republican primary this year is nothing but an exercise in who can incite most hate and anger in their base, so I am sure that this idiotic proposal will be accepted as an acceptable Republican contribution to our national discussion.  This is the sort of thing that has become acceptable these days.

Friday, August 28, 2015

European Refugee Crisis

Two stories in the news today:  70 or so dead refugees found in a truck in Austria; and an equal number in one of the seemingly endless supply of unseaworthy boats trying to cross to Europe from North Africa.  Meanwhile thousands try to sneak through the channel tunnel to England.

What interests me is the almost invariable reporting of this as a European story.  People seem to have so given up on any hope that the people generating this problem in Syria, Iraq and North Africa have the capacity to ever deal with the problems that they are deliberately generating every day.  And let's just be blunt here: most of these people are not economic migrants, they are refugees from Islamic sectarian wars.  This is not a European problem, although Europeans are bearing the cost.  Of course, it is not a good idea for people whose own inability to control their viciousness killed fifty million less than a century ago, to act too ethically superior, but that was then, and this is now.  Moralizing about the past does nothing to solve the problems of the millions who are being displaced now.

It is time for the rest of the world, particularly the people in Europe and North America, to stop treating Muslims as some sort of subhuman savages who cannot be expected to live in peace with others.  This problem is never going to be solved inside Europe; only when governments and lunatic religious cults in the Middle East and North Africa give up the notion that it is right to kill in the name of God.

Well, that is easy to say, but how do you make them behave?  I don't have a clue, unfortunately, but certainly, it isn't by pretending that this is just a refugee resettlement problem to be borne by someone else, far from the endless conflicts.  The nations of the world are so held in thrall by Saudi oil, and the damage the Saudis can do to their economies, that they are petrified of the truth.  Maybe they need to think twice about the price they are paying to avoid a temporary pain at the hands of the Saudis.  Maybe it needs to be made clear to the Saudis that if they do to Europe what they recently did to Russia, their leaders will be stripped of their rule.  Maybe it's time that someone else control the flow of Middle Eastern oil, so nations are free to do the right thing without subjecting their citizens to economic sabotage.

Anchor Baby

Can someone tell me how the term "anchor baby" suddenly turned out to be some sort of racial taunt?  It has been used for years, and seems to me to be a pretty descriptive term with nothing obviously racist about it, yet all of a sudden it is as taboo as the n-word.  Is this one more loony product of the "trigger warning" people?  Does someone actually think it is a winning issue against the likes of Ted Cruz and Donald Trump?  I just don't get it.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Murder of the Day

Funny that a guy can murder two people on live TV, and then post the worst selfie in the world about it, and no one in the U.S. seems to care.  Oh, there's plenty of excitement about the spectacle of it, just no one cares that it adds to the roughly one multiple gun murder in this country every day.  I think most people have just given up even pretending that these people's lives are more important than corporate profits, and are just getting on with their lives.  Until they come in for their own little burst of fame, barely more than Andy Warhol's canonical 15 minutes at this point, and then vanish forever from public consciousness.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We're Scaring the World Again

I mentioned that my wife and I recently got back from a train trip across Canada.  On the way, we met people from many countries, and the first thing every one of them wanted to know about was Donald Trump.  They are really afraid about how far into outer space the American people have gone, and I sure wish I could reassure them that this is going to lead nowhere.  Five thousand nuclear weapons in the hands of a mean-spirited, egomaniacal carnival barker- now that's a comforting thought, huh?  Yet, if all of the Republicans, including their financiers, unite behind this jerk, it could happen.

We laughed at the clown car in 2012, and were all set to laugh at it this time around too, until the Republican party topped itself by finding an entire clown car in one person- a single character embodying all the hate-filled irrationality and lust for violence that Republicans have been worshiping for years.  Why shouldn't they nominate him?  He is their perfect candidate.  And then we can see if any sense of self preservation and common human decency can outweigh the heavily financed insanity that will be his campaign.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Wingnut Wrapup

It's been so long up there in Canada that I fear my sarcasm generator has atrophied a little, but here goes- back to work:

Ken Klukowski, Breitbart:  "Myths about birthright citizenship—promoted by liberals, embraced by establishment Republicans, and repeated by mainstream media pundits without critical examination—have been debunked by experts spanning the political spectrum. But none of those people are being given A-list treatment by major media outlets to respond. 

Instead, the voices given the biggest public platforms are commentators who lack any professional credentials on the topic, who breezily assure viewers that “of course everyone knows” that the Fourteenth Amendment confers citizenship on everyone born in this country."

"Experts."  Experts "debunk..."  Well, here's the text: decide for yourself:

" All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States"

Funny that the same people who insist that the second amendment confers a right to posess weapons more violent than anything the founding fathers could have ever imagined, can't read this simple sentence.  Their "experts," by the way?  A former law clerk for Clarence Thomas, a guy who works for the Koch Brothers funded  Heritage Foundation, an article in the "Texas Review of Law and Politics," whose stated mission is to publish  "thoughtful and intellectually rigorous conservative articles--articles that traditional law reviews often fail to publish," i.e. Conservative lies, and Hans Von Spakowski, the Bush administration Justice Department tool who spent his time converting the Civil Rights division from dealing with crimes against black people, to fighting the imaginary persecution of right wing Christians.   Experts spanning the political spectrum- right.  Spanning the spectrum from criminal right wingers to mentally ill right wingers.


The standard Republican strategy for just about everything, as far as I can see.

D.W. Wilber, Town Hall:  "Hillary’s Top Ten Excuses To Avoid Jail"

D. W. forgot this one:  She didn't do anything illegal.  Of course, why should that stop Republicans from throwing her in prison?  It worked so well in Na...  Oh there I go again!  Godwin protect me!

Town Hall:  "Jeb Bush Won't Say He'll 'Rip Up' Iran Nuclear Agreement"

Well, maybe he'll "stuff it in the wastebasket."  Or "light it on fire."  Or "eat the paper it's written on."  Will that do?  No, only ripping it up will satisfy the legal experts at Town Hall.

Meghan Fox, PJ Media:  "Planned Parenthood Blasts Music That ‘Sounds Like It Came From Hell’ at Peaceful Protesters"

The horror!  That is so much worse than saying things like this about them, which comes from later in this article:

"We know they are delivering live, whole babies (who are kicking!) and cutting their faces off to extract brains"

No shame at all.  Man, these people should be writing for the ScFi channel.  Planned Parenthood, on the other hand, are monsters for playing music that right wing assholes don't like.  They should just be thankful that Planned Parenthood didn't play any Buddy Guy- he'd have them running home and hiding under the bed.

Oh, and while we are visiting with Meghan Fox, here's a little more:

Meghan Fox, PJ Media:  "My Baby Screams in Restaurants and I am SO Sorry!"

Well, thanks for sharing that with us, Meghan.  Slow news day, huh?

Paula Bolyard, PJ Media:  "You Won’t Believe What My Son Was Called for Saying He Loves America and Supports the Police"

No I won't, because I was already too bored to read the article and find out..

Michael T. Hamilton, PJ Media:  "Why Our Family Will Keep Watching ‘The Cosby Show’...Why dethrone such a show now, when it is needed most?"

The real reason:  They don't give a damn how many women he drugged and raped; they're all for him if it pisses liberals off.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Dozens of North Korean Subs Have Left Their Bases… Can’t Be Located"

Can't be located by you, Jim.  But then, I don't think you can locate your underwear in your dresser without help.

Lloyd Marcus, Renew America:  "Which GOP contender will keep their word in the WH"

They all will, Lloyd.  They'll keep their word to the Koch brothers.  As for their stupid "base," fat chance.

Laurie Roth, Renew America:  "Some googly-eyed search engines just aren't bigger than God, now or in 2016"


Susan D. Harris, Renew America:  "Preterists in sheep's clothing: the growing plague of end times deception"

Man, these guys are going off the deep end.  "Preterism," which I had never heard of until today, apparently has something to do with the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 A.D.  I am sure that will be a very helpful guide to our conduct in the world today.

Cliff Kincaid, Renew America:  "Kremlin TV backing "Bolshevik Bernie" for President"

"Bolshevik Bernie."  Whatever.

Bryan Fischer, Renew America:  "Birthright citizenship is unconstitutional"

Even though it is in the Constitution.  Man, these people are certainly adept at creative thinking.

Thomas Beaumont, My Way:  "Cruz outshines Bush at Americans for Prosperity summit"

The way things are going these days, a free screening of "Battlefield Earth" could outshine Bush.

Quin Hilyer, National Review Online:  "On Immigration, Santorum Adds Substance"

There's a laugh for you.  As well as a real sign of what a pathetic bunch the Republican Presidential candidates are, when people are counting on Rick Santorum to bring "substance" to the race.  His substance on illegal immigrants?

"...a 25 percent cut in the number of legal immigrants. On top of the by-now familiar steps to curtail illegals — new walls, new border technology, more agents at the border"

New walls and new agents.  What a creative, never before suggested solution!

Allahpundit, Hot Air:  "Should the GOP be trying to draft more candidates into the race?"


And now the award for the most meaningless jingoism of the day:

"Ron Paul: For Immigration Answers, Look to Liberty"

Liberty!  Hooah!  Liberty to do what?  Who knows?

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "As Stock Market Tanks Obama Heads to Vegas to Push for More Solar Energy"

Somehow, those two things are related.

And, continuing with the Stupidest Man on the Internet:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Activist: Aborted Baby Found Discarded among Chicken Bones in a Kentucky Fried Chicken Box"

Today's Story Least Likely to be True.  This alleged incident happened thirty years ago, and of course there is not one shred of evidence that it is real. I can find no verifiable mention of this claim before the idiot Jim Hoft wrote about it yesterday; now it is spreading like ebola all over the right wing blogosphere, where it will incite outrage for a couple of days before disappearing into the ether.

Laurie Roth, Renew America:  "Google--Big rabid dog"

Whatever.  Laurie has this to say:

"Stand up for freedom of speech and the truth this election cycle"

Which, since she is a right wing shill, of course consists in sending her money.

And now, sad to say, some of the most abominable racist lying I have ever seen:

Ellis Washington, Renew America:  "Kristallnacht DemocratNacht"

Yes, this son of a bitch is going to go there.

"why did America wait 8 long years (from Hitler's appointment as Chancellor of Germany to Congress repeal of the Neutrality Act, Nov. 4, 1941), before the FDR administration would criticize or act against the Nazi regime? Because FDR (like all Democrat Socialists) are doctrinaire anti-Semites whose Nazi-like policies are given social standing and moral legitimacy by the legions of Jewish sycophants who voted for FDR (4 times) and the few he allowed inside his administration (Secretary of Treasury Henry Morgenthau being the most conspicuous). Indeed despite British PM Winston Churchill literally begging FDR day and night to help Europe, to help the Jews being sent to Hitler Holocaust ovens unmolested. Historically, FDR's delay until Japan's bombing of the U.S. military base at Pearl Harbor (Dec. 6, 1941) made FDR and the Democrat Socialist Party complicit with rest of the Western World in the mass murder of European Jewry... 

Hitler and Goebbels demonic Kristallnacht lasted two days, yet its devastating effects against the Jewish people lasted many, many decades, even to this day. Nevertheless, an exponentially greater genocide against humanity is the DemocratNacht (Democrat Night), which has been an existential Democrat Holocaust that has been unleashed from the pit of Hell ever since the first slaves arrived in America in 1619 literally where Holocaust Democrats, brick-by-brick have deconstructed America, American exceptionalism, and our Judeo-Christian traditions and institutions, especially the Courts, the Church, the Family and Culture."

I can't even bring myself to comment on this.  Renew America is a major, mainstream right wing website, and this is what they are selling to their hundreds of thousands of readers.  What hope does this sort of thing leave for the future of our country?

And with that, enough already.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Fourteenth Amendment

The pertinent section these days, at the very beginning:

"All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside."

Let's remember the reason that this amendment was enacted in the first place, and why it did not become part of the Constitution at the beginning of the country, but only a century later.

After the Civil War, the nation and its government were filled with Southern reactionaries who had a hundred schemes to deny the vote to ex-slaves.  Those who supported the destruction of slavery knew that these schemes would continue to be promoted until a sufficiently racist Supreme Court would give an okay to one of them*, and that would legalize the permanent second class status of blacks. Birthright citizenship was enacted not to create anchor babies, but to prevent white people from revoking the citizenship of blacks.  It's existence can be totally traced back to the intransigent racism that still existed in this country after the Civil War, and which continues to this day.  So, Republicans, if your absurd nightmare that millions of the wrong kind of people are going to come here and vote Democratic because of this were true, you would have nobody but your own God Damned racist, hate filled selves to blame.  Suck on that, jerks.

*Too bad for them that they couldn't have held out until the current Supreme Court, which would probably accept a petition to classify ex-slaves as domestic farm animals.

It's Still Alive

Can we now stop pretending that the coarse, vicious diatribes of Donald Trump are pushing the Republican party in a direction it doesn't want to go?  Trump is simply openly speaking what they all believe, just without the tattered cloak desperately pulled over the truth by advisers and political consultants.  We are constantly getting glimpses of the racism, hatred of women, xenophobia and love of violence from other Republicans; the only difference with Trump is that he is letting us see it all at once.

Do Not Call Up That Which Ye Cannot Put Down

This IS the Republican party.  It is the party of Reagan, of Nixon, of Bush.  It is a party of hatred and greed.  That is all it is about any more, and I, for one, thank Donald Trump for presenting it to us out in the open.

I am almost sympathetic with certain Republicans who now seem to believe that Trump is a Democratic plant.  They're wrong, of course.  There never was a Republican candidate more representative of the base that they have worked so hard to create, and now they are stuck with that base, and their champion.

Bernie and Black Lives Matter

Well, I'm back from the Canadian Rockies (very nice) and ready to start complaining again.  In truth, as far as I can tell from the very limited internet connection I had in the last two weeks, not much has changed in the world. Here's something that bothered me at the time and which may be old news at this point, but I want to say something about.

There is no one in the U.S. Congress with a stronger civil rights record than Bernie Sanders.  Since at least 1963, he has been working for equal rights, even being arrested in the process.  So why did a Black Lives Matter activist, one Marissa Johnson, choose him to attack in public, in a transparent attempt to damage his standing among minorities?

Well, maybe a clue can be found in her statements about who she really is:

"My parents are both Tea Partiers. I'm mixed. My mom's white and my dad's black. And they're both big Tea Partiers and that's how I was raised....I do want to say I am a very devout Evangelical Christian... And people who know me locally and nationally in my organizing work know that that is why I do what I do. And so yes, I did run up there and confront Bernie Sanders because of my religious convictions, absolutely."

Of course, she brackets this with a couple of pro forma claims that she's really, really left wing now, but of course if she is, she's the only fundamentalist Christian on earth that is driven by her religion to have progressive values.

I am going to state the obvious and then be done with this:  Marissa Johnson is a right wing dirty trickster no different from James O'Keefe and the people who made the lying videos about planned parenthood.  She had only one intention on earth, and that was to damage black support for their greatest ally in the Presidential race, by playing on the same mindless rage that drives right wing thinking across the country.  Of course, she or her handlers counted on the mainstream press to ignore that obvious fact, so it worked.  All's fair in love and politics, I guess.  At least Republican politics.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Surge

I'm in difficult blogging circumstances here, but I really want to recommend this article by Juan Cole, perhaps our greatest Iraq expert, about what a colossal disaster the Republicans' beloved surge was.


It also reveals what an incompetent idiot General Petraeus was, as an added benefit.

The Republicans are determined to blame their Iraq disaster on Hillary and Obama, so it is a good idea to keep the truth in mind.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Brief Note

I'm going off on a train trip across Canada for several days.  No internet on the train.  Just mentioning this so you don't think I have fallen off the edge of the earth.  I'll be back soon.