Monday, September 1, 2014

What Do Unions Accomplish?

Here's a great chart from an article by Ezra Klein (via Digby) that says all you need to know this labor day:

No wonder so much rich people's money is funnelled into destroying unions. I don't think I need to say anything more about this, except to urge you to click on the link and read more.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Impeachment- The Agony and the Ecstasy

In this case, primarily the agony, I guess.  Yes, we are still in the midst of National Impeach Obama Week- the week with two weekends.  I thought I'd just bring you some of the photos graphically demonstrating the fountain of wrath at Obama that is bursting forth in this country.  Ready?  Here we go:

There you go- seven demonstrations, about 30 people (being very generous.)  Compare this to what just happened in Ferguson, where thousands turned out in a single place, without a shred of organizing in advance, despite being threatened by imminent violence from the police.  This would be so laughable if the incredibly small number of people who hold this crazy view didn't include a large part of the Republican members of the House of Representatives.

Well, I'm afraid that these malicious, hate-filled fools are going to get their way soon.  We'll see how it works out for them.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

What We Are In For

In the next six to eight months- Green Eagle's prediction.

At the present, I think the "leaders" of the Republican party are clinging to just enough power to prevent the delusional masses that make up their base from committing political suicide by shutting down the government or voting to impeach Obama before November 6th.  But the truth is that at this point, they are riding the proverbial tiger, and we all know that sooner or later they are going to end up inside.

After the mid-term election, all bets are off.  And I must tell you that I think all of this has very little to do with whether they manage to seize control of the Senate.  At this point, they have perfected their anti-democratic scheme to frustrate anything the majority tries to accomplish anyway, so all they will really gain is a chance to engage in more Darryl Issa style posturing until they are unseated in 2016.

However, win or lose, this is what they can accomplish:

"One should not mistake the extremists in the Republican party as just teabaggers. The entire party has lurched to the extreme right according to the recent threat by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and party unity advocate Paul Ryan, to shutdown the government as a means to a bad end for Americans. 

McConnell’s campaign tactic of announcing Republicans will use a government shutdown threat to force President Obama to adopt the Koch brother, ALEC, and teabagger agenda if Republicans control the Senate would be laughable if the GOP was not serious. Unfortunately, they are serious and have an agenda to undo everything America accomplished over the past five years, and several decades, to punish the people for electing President Obama."

The only objection that I have to this comment is the notion that the government shutdown is a "campaign tactic."  It is in fact just the opposite: a way to force the government to cater to the interests of their obscenely rich backers without winning the consent of the governed.  That is why Mitch McConnell et. al. are trying desperately to walk back their comments and put this off until after the election.

Along with the government shutdown is the other spectre brooding over our political scene: impeachment.  It must be clear to any sentient observer at this point that large numbers of the Republican leadership and a significant majority of Republicans in general are hungering for another impeachment circus. As soon as the election is safely behind them, and voters are helpless for another two years to exact retribution for their sedition, we all know that impeachment resolutions are going to be flying all over the house, and it is my belief that, within a few months someone will manage to introduce one that will succeed in getting sufficient support among Republicans to pass; and at that point we are off to the races again.

Thus the seal will be set on the grand program of Newt Gingrich to establish a new form of Republican governing.  It is my belief that, when the Contract with America failed so ingloriously in the nineties, Gingrich was among the first to accept the fact that, because of changing demographics, the Republican party would never again be able to win the support of a majority of the American people.  He began to craft a new way to run the country, one that sidestepped democratic institutions in favor of an endless round of lying, cheating and corruption, a system in which the money of the very few trumped the will of the vast majority (of course, largely made possible by the unleashing of criminality by the Reagan administration.)

At this point, the entire Republican party is a cesspool of corruption, and if they carry through on these two desires, they will have pretty much sealed their status as the party of sedition, until they wither away and die along with their aging demographic.  Unless, of course, they succeed in destroying the country first- a very real possibility.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Why I Follow the Right

Every couple of years I try to explain why I take such an interest in a seemingly small group of right wing lunatics.  Motivated by a request from Sammy, here's what I have to say now:

I first began to take an interest in deviant political, religious and scientific beliefs in the late 1960's.  I was a university student at the time, and in the course of studying medieval manuscripts I found myself spending a good deal of time in the university's rare book collection.  One day I discovered that someone had left them what was believed to be the world's largest collection of fringe literature.  I started to read this material, and found myself fascinated.  I made a discovery there: in the course of my studies I had taken quite a few philosophy courses, and eventually found that, when a person believes something for a rational reason, it tells you very little about the person, except that he is rational.  But when a person believes things for irrational reasons, that reveals all sorts of things about not only that person, but about human nature in general, and not the good side of human nature.

As an adjunct to that reading, I discovered that I could receive at night the signal from radio station KXEL in Waterloo, Iowa, a 50,000 watt clear channel station which had been entirely religious in its content, but was in the process of developing right wing political broadcasting, with such early figures as the Reverend Carl McIntyre, Reverend Stuart Mc Burney, and the overtly political and very right wing Voice of Americanism with Melvin Munn, a show financed by the Hunt Brothers, oil men who were the sixties equivalent of today's Koch Brothers.

At the same time, I began to become involved in left wing politics.  I participated in and helped to organize many marches, and was present for a couple of the big Washington protests.  I saw a real movement, which could mobilize tens or hundreds of thousands of people in cities all across the country in days, with hardly any sort of backing.  I felt what it was like to be a part of a real political phenomenon like that, to feel the power in the air.

Well, the days of Vietnam and civil rights protests died away, but the crazy people on the right never did.  Though they represented, during the seventies, the eighties and the nineties, a laughably small group of lunatic haters, they still survived in some way.  It was in the nineties that one of our political parties, seeing perfectly well what our nation's demographics held in store for them, made a devil's pact with these people, and began funelling money and professional organizational skill into their movements, in the very mistaken belief that they could control the creature they created, and bend it to their wills.

But the craziness and fanaticism proved so much stronger than the wills of the Republican political elite, and step by step, the Republican party was forced to act as though views that were in fact an abhorrent aberration were perfectly legitimate; and in far too many cases the Republicans themselves adopted these attitudes.

One of the worst of these views is not explicitly political at all.  It comes from the false religion which is Evangelical Christianity, and consists in the belief that, because they are following the will of God, any tactic, no matter how disgusting to outsiders, is justified. This is hardly a view unique to evangelicals, as we can see in the Middle East today, but it is no more acceptable on this side of the Atlantic than it is there.  Through this licensing of bad behavior, which the right granted itself, the malign tactics of the far right worked their way into the mainstream along with their malign views.

I continued, as the years went by, to pay what attention I could to this phenomenon, which accelerated massively when the internet came into being.  Here, the most vicious racism, hatred and greed could be given a cheap veneer of rationality, so that websites proliferated that catered to the worst in human nature, very often funded by wealthy groups and individuals who would never admit their role, and who did not realize what a monster they were creating.

I took an interest in the Tea Party in particular, and began attending their rallies from the very beginning.  Here is what I found:  I felt not one shred of the immense power that was palpable at the great Vietnam and Civil Rights marches; instead, I saw a small, pathetic group of people who had been conned into participating in activities they did not understand, and who were serving as pawns for the financiers of their activities.

I have spent my working life in film and television production, and because of that, here is something else I saw:  I saw these rallies systematically packaged to appear to be mass events, exactly the way we create illusions on the screen.  I saw the result of huge sums of money spent to create the false impression that these small events were manifestations of a national movement that spoke for a large segment of the American people, when of course they really spoke for little more than the will of the rich, with nothing they said or did being more important than lower taxes and deregulation.

I saw something else, too.  I saw the mainstream press, which had, through Reagan administration deregulation, come to be owned almost entirely by huge corporations, collaborate in this spectacle.  Activities like the last Washington anti-war march, which attracted somewhere around 350,000 people, were entirely shut out of the news, while, for example, the pathetic spectacle surrounding the fate of Terry Schiavo, which, as far as I have ever been able to tell, never attracted more than a few dozen protesters at any one time, were for years portrayed as  proof of the existence of a mass national movement, dedicated, as always, to the issues of tax cuts for the rich and deregulation for their companies- the only real goal this movement has.

The Tea Party remains, at this point, the apex of this representation of a virtually nonexistent movement as a great political force, whose desires must be honored.  Yet, over and over again, as I have documented for years now, when given the opportunity to demonstrate their presence and their power, the events they hold have been miserable failures, culminating in three highly publicized mass marches on Washington in the last year to force Obama from office, none of which managed to draw more than a few hundred people.

Yet Republicans in Congress continue to cite this imaginary mass movement as an excuse to destroy our government unless it caters to the interests of the super-rich, which the movement, they claim, exists to support.  And in recent years, a new phenomenon has emerged- many Republican leaders and spokesmen openly inciting violence against the government.  This has come close to a mass gun battle at the Bundy Ranch, and as long as these malicious officials continue their promotion of right wing hatred, the day cannot be far off when a really apocalyptic scene will take place, which has the potential to make the Branch Dividians look like small timers.  At that point, who knows what Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert and Sarah Palin will deliberately do to damage our country, but it certainly has the likelihood of being the worst thing to happen to us since the Southern treason of the Civil War.

Well, enough.  That's why I take this phenomenon seriously, although I continue to demonstrate that it is not a mass movement.  It is a potential rebellion financed by a few ultra-rich would be dictators, and it needs to be revealed for what it is.

Wingnut Wrapup

This edition of Wingnut Wrapup is respectfully dedicated to the editors of the Washington Post, who managed to publish an article about climate denial on Monday:

"FOR MORE than a century, scientists have understood the basic physics of the greenhouse effect. For decades, they’ve realized humans can affect the climate by burning coal, oil and gas. But the country’s leaders remain divided on the need to curb greenhouse emissions, let alone how to do it.  Among mainstream scientists, this paralysis is mind-boggling."

An article in which they said that " the country’s leaders remain divided on the need to curb greenhouse emissions," without ever once mentioning that the divide is strictly along party lines, with virtually every Democrat concerned about the issue, and virtually every Republican determined to corruptly follow the orders of the energy industry and do nothing.  Another perfect example of the "both sides do it" political narrative which beltway pundits use to try to hide the fact that, no, only one side does it.

And now, the definition of "you can't win..."

Kevin Glass, Town Hall:  "Corporatist Barack: POTUS Pushes Ex-Im Renewal"

Now the Communist is a monster because he's doing something the Republicans want.  Kevin makes the patently absurd claim:

"the American people need to understand that the Democratic Party has been the bigger friend of big business than the Republican Party."

Well, except for those couple of thousand families that actually finance the Republican party today, and are not really interested in business so much as they are in heading a religious dictatorship.  You see, for big business, it's enough just to get obscenely rich.  These people can't really savor the experience unless they can make everyone else desperately poor in the process.  Now, that's real Republicanism.

Bruce Bialosky, Town Hall:  "Solution for ISIS: Obliterate Them"

Great idea, Bruce.  Any idea on how to accomplish that?  No?  Okay, how about you get back to us when you think of something.

Leah Barkoukis, Town Hall:  "Sen. Inhofe: ISIS Developing Plan to Blow Up Major US City...It is a serious warning coming from Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe as he warns of the potential of another attack on American soil. The senator sat down with Fox 25 to talk about a variety of topics, but as ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, the top issue was national security.  “We're in the most dangerous position we've ever been in as a nation,” Senator Inhofe told Fox 25's Phil Cross."

Let's first deal with the issue of how you blow up a major US city without nuclear weapons.  The most powerful non-nuclear weapon in the U.S. arsenal is the CBU-55 fuel-air bomb, which has been used once.  It is dropped from a C130, and can devastate an area of 4 acres, or about 160,000 square feet.  The area of the  Chicago metropolitan area (the city that Inhofe, probably in an example of wishful thinking, mentions in his interview)  is about 10,800 square miles, requiring about 1.7 million fuel-air bombs to destroy, and a pretty amazing fleet of C130's to get them over here.  I'm going to guess that ISIS will be stockpiling them for a while before they are ready for the attack.

Now, as to the "most dangerous position we've ever been in as a nation" nonsense, I suppose that this pack of terrorists halfway around the world is more of a threat than the U.S. faced in 1863, when it looked like a traitorous army might destroy the country, or in 1941, when we were attacked by one of the world's great military powers.  I hope you are proud of yourselves, Sen. Inhofe, and Leah too.  If the point of terrorizm is to terrorize people, it certainly worked on you two.

Michael Schaus, Town Hall:  "Feds Claim Freedom is Bad For Your Health"

That would be the freedom to sell you a deadly poison, i.e. tobacco, if it makes someone a profit.  Yes, according to Michael, it is absurd to think that dying of cancer is worse than having your "freedom" to be addicted taken away.

Streiff, Red State:  "Obama’s mess in Iraq"

Obama's mess.  Yeah, as usual, Obama's mess to clean up, after you guys made it.  Isn't there ever a point where right wingers accept responsibility for anything?  Speaking of which:

Patricia Dickson, PJ Media:  "How Responsible Are Michael Brown’s Parents for His Demise?"

Yeah, they loaded the gun and stood behind the cop yelling "Shoot the N****r.  That's the story.

Aaron Gardner, Red State:  "Lt. General Calls for DEFCON 1 Over ISIS 9/11 Threat"

That would be a RETIRED Lt. General, on Fox News.  Take it for what it's worth.  The same retired Lt. General was featured on Fox News not that long ago telling us that the missing Malaysian airliner was in Pakistan, where it had been hijacked.  He also went on Fox News to accuse Obama of "dereliction of duty" over Benghazi.

Rob Longley, PJ Media:  "Romney Having Fun With Political Resurrection"

Resurrection?  Not like this:

More like this:

Anyway, Republicans, if that's your game plan, bring it on.  Let's see if he can make it through another campaign without revealing his tax cheating.

Cliff Kincaid, Renew America:  "Why won't Putin help Middle East Christians?"

Who cares?

Clarice Feldman, American Thinker:  "The Foley execution may turn out to be just as convoluted, perplexing, and damaging as Benghazi"

Which is to say, not at all.

Sierra Rayne, American Thinker:  "The Absurdity of Linking Ferguson and Climate Change"

This was really a classic of wingnut thought, since Sierra was unable to come up with a single example of anyone sying such a thing.  But she still got paid to write the article.  A silver lining in every cloud and all that...

Town Hall:  "Our JV President: Never Saw ISIL Coming"

At least he didn't try to give them arms a few months ago like the guy you ran against him in 2008.  And by the way, I guess you couldn't say that Bush didn't see Al Qaeda coming before 9-11, because he was warned about it over and over again.  He just didn't care because he couldn't figure out a way for rich people to make money out of the situation.

Liz Shield, PJ Media:  "One in Three Adults Think Libertarian Means the Opposite of What Libertarian Means"

What, a greedy bastard that doesn't want to pay taxes but thinks he is an intellectual?  That's what I think it means.

Dennis Prager:  "Does Suffering Prove God Doesn’t Exist?"

Sorry.  Green Eagle had a chance to find out by suffering through Dennis' latest piece of garbage, but he passed on the opportunity.  So now we'll never have this age-old question settled decisively by Dennis Prager.

Daniel Doherty, Town Hall:  "Mission Creep? Obama Approves "Surveillance Flights" in Syria"

So now, the same wingnuts who have been attacking Obama incessantly for not going to war right now, are attacking him for going too far with a couple of surveillance flights.  You can't win.

Thomas Sowell, Town Hall:  "The political left has been campaigning against the use of force since at least the 18th century. So it is not surprising that they are now arguing that heavily armed or aggressive police forces only inflame protesters and thus provoke violence."

How could they be so stupid as to think that?  That's no way to run a country.  Heavily armed and aggressive police forces- it worked for Hitler.  (Sorry, Godwin- Green Eagle can't resist a cheap shot. Not when it's this appropriate.)

Cal Thomas, Town Hall:  "If ISIS Attacks Again, What Will U.S. Do?  What about American cities? If ISIS attacks one or more U.S. cities, as it has threatened to do, what then? We can't bomb ourselves. How would we counter a nosedive in the stock market or the ensuing chaos and fear?"

Hey, here's an idea, Cal:  How about this time we don't go into a carefully orchestrated twelve year panic?  How about if this time we bomb the hell out of the actual people who attacked us instead of an innocent foreign country, and then get on with our lives?

Nah, that doesn't make any sense.  No one stands to make any money off of calm.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "…In the last 40 years, California’s non-Hispanic white population has been cut in half, from 80 percent to 40 percent. Meanwhile, the Hispanic population has exploded from less than 10 percent to nearly 40 percent — mostly poor Mexicans.
And with that change, California went from being the state that produced anti-tax initiatives, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan to a state that is absolutely untouchable by Republicans (see Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina) and just enacted the highest tax rate in any state."

And balanced its budget without slashing every program that helps ordinary people.  It's funny, going from the State of Nixon and Reagan to what we are now is a bad thing in Jim's opinion.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit (yeah, the same one.  You didn't expect Jim to confine himself to one stupid thing per day did you?):  "Celebrated Ferguson Capt. Ron Johnson Pulls Gun on Unarmed White Kids on Bikes"

Of course, he didn't shoot them six times, did he, Jim?  Jim's photo, shown below, only shows Ron Johnson, with no sign of these alleged "kids," who turn out to be a motorcycle gang whose violent behavior had already resulted in two deaths in Ferguson in previous days.  A little more than stealing a cigar, but since they were white, no excuse for a policeman to draw his gun.

Bryan Fischer, Renew America:  "Will the armies of Allah be the rod of God's wrath against America?"

Not bloody likely.  You can go back to sleep now, Bryan.

Kelleigh Nelson,  NewsWithViews:  "MARX AND SATAN...During one particularly beautiful spring day last week, while on my daily walk, into my head popped the verses from Ephesians 6:12 to 17."

Get a life, Kelleigh.  And all of your friends, too.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Hey, I bet you guys didn't even know that we are in the middle of National Impeach Obama week.  From their website (I mean, everyone's got one these days) here is the only photo so far of a demonstration:

Impressive, no?  Well, Green Eagle thinks he'll go back to worrying about the volcano in Iceland.

And More:  Green Eagle just couldn't give it a rest.  I searched until I found some pictures of these impeach Obama events around the country.  Here's what I found before I got bored and gave up:

redding CA:  8 people
riverside CA: 1  (really, one)
Jacksonville FL: 5
Savannah Georgia:  this was the same picture as Redding, making me wonder if anyone at all showed up at those two events
San Diego CA:  5

As I went on, I saw the same pictures over and over again.  They are most likely from earlier events.  Either way, I think we can say that this week is turning out to be as big a failure as all the other rallies and marches to kick Obama out.  Coming on the heels of Ferguson, where we saw what a real popular protest looks like, this seems even more than usually pathetic.

And Give It A Rest already, GE:  I saw this headline at the Western Journalism Review about Impeach Obama Week:

"Groups Across The Country Are Uniting To Do Something Huge That Could Terrify Obama"

I guess not.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Here We Go Again

120 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel today, and here is some footage of Hamas rockets fired from next to a hospital and right by two schools:

I don't have much to say at this point.  This is just for the record.  Of course anyone so lost to vicious delusion as to see Hamas as the good guys will immediately claim that this video is a forgery.

More from Bartharbunga

Well, it has been a couple of unusually slow news days, giving Green Eagle plenty to worry about concerning the threatened massive volcano eruption in Iceland.  If you have been following this story, here is an update from Daily Kos, which has been following the story.  Think it has nothing to do with you?  A previous Icelandic volcano eruption a couple of hundred years ago caused the Mississippi river to freeze down to New Orleans.

Here is a little map of earthquake activity in the area over the last ten days:
The color of dots indicates the day the earthquakes occurred.  As you can see, there is this swarm of earthquakes leading out from the volcano in a more or less northeasterly direction.  This is caused by lava, in a quantity roughly equal to the flow of the Hudson River, forcing its way through solid rock.

Maybe it will all go away; maybe not.  No one really seems to know at this point.

So far, I haven't found anyone blaming this on Obama yet, but that will come soon enough (in the form of God's punishment for not...blah, blah, blah.)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Wingnut Wrapup

Today's Wingnut Wrapup is dedicated to Jim "Dim Bulb" Hoft, widely recognized as the Dumbest Man on the Internet, and also a perpetual finalist for the most dishonest too.  Here's Jim's contribution to the Ferguson situation:

This is an x-ray showing an injury called a "blowout fracture" of the eye socket.  Hoft published this photo on Tuesday, being very clear to imply that this was an actual x-ray of injuries sustained by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, in the course of killing Michael Brown.

But wait! There are two pictures shown here.  The one on your left is what Hoft originally ran with, before notiicing that, in the lower right hand corner, it said "University of Iowa."  An hour later, he switched to the second picture, in which you can see that the phrase "University of Iowa" has been crudely blotted out.  The original x-ray can, in fact, be found at a number of medical websites explaining this condition, and has nothing to do with Officer Wilson, any more than anything Jim Hoft says has anything to do with reality.

For your information, here is a photo I found of a person suffering from this injury:
Pretty distressing, huh? Photos of Officer Wilson walking around the dead body of Michael Brown show no injuries of any kind.  Despite this, Hoft keeps coming up with unnamed (but of course totally trustworthy) sources that confirm that Officer Wilson was injured- at last count he was up to six, all unidentified.

CNN has confirmed, by the way, that no such injury occurred. Here's more about this nasty story from someone you can trust, if you care.

So, what is the result of this sort of lying, race baiting smear?  Of course it was picked up without question by the Drudge Report, and has now been featured on the Conservative Tribune, Washington Post, right wing news, New York Post, Opposing Views, New York Daily News, Legalinsurrection, Fox News (of course), Red State, Free Republic, Breitbart. Lucianne Goldberg's website, and on and on.  Hoft's original post has over 8,000 comments.

And that's how the right wing works.  Well, on with the rest of Wingnut Wrapup:

Ransom Notes Radio:  "Democrats Commit Child Abuse on Southern Border"

It being a clear case of child abuse to try to take care of them, whereas it is an example of responsible adult behavior to send them back home to little more than war zones, which our "war on drugs" and our sponsorship of Central American dictatorships is largely responsible for creating.  Any Republican knows that.

Larry Kudlow, Town Hall:  "Secular Stagnation Is a Cover Up; Failed Keynesian Policies Have Blocked Growth"

If we just repeat this lie for enough decades, it will magically become true!  -A helpful suggestion brought to you by one of the Kings of Being Always Wrong.

Michael Schaus, Town Hall:  "Blame the Racism-of-Liberals for Ferguson, Missouri... If liberals truly cared about the plight of today’s black community, they wouldn’t be “standing in solidarity” with hustlers of victimhood."

"Hustlers of victimhood" in this case being those who don't think white policemen should be allowed to murder black people without the fear of consequences.   There is so much from this miserable article I could quote, but let's leave it with one more excerpt:

"The truth is, this story isn’t really about racism, police brutality, or even tragedy… This story is about the failure of Liberalism."

Sure it is.  Sure it's about the failure of liberalism.  It's certainly about the failure of liberalism to turn one Missouri cop into a decent human being.

Michelle Malkin, Town Hall:  "Meet the Cops Who Gave Their Lives...If you've been watching cable news, reading Hollywood celebrities' tweets and listening to race-hustling opportunists, you might think that every police officer in America has a finger on the trigger, hunting for any excuse to gun down defenseless youths."

This article makes the very cogent point that, since police behave themselves some of the time, they should have the right to gun down a black guy every once in a while.  I mean, who could argue with that?  Fair is fair- no one gets it all their own way.

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Hundreds More Criminal Illegal Aliens With Brutal Records Released Onto American Streets"

Maybe they could get jobs with the Ferguson, Mo. police department.

Kevin Fobbs, Renew America:  "Riot, rage, rampage and rebellion - Obama's legacy on fire in America!  Ferguson protesters claim that this was the match that lit the fuse for this summer's riotous rampage.  This is not civil rights but out of control criminal conduct."

You know, some times it's hard to make fun of malicious claims like this, particularly when they come from a black man like Kevin, who accepts his thirty pieces of silver to tell lies like this.  A white cop murders a black teenager- of course it's Obama's fault.  Everything is.

John Ransom, Town Hall:  "What if we had a president who has some gonads and some sense of proportion?"

Yeah, like George W. Bush, right?  That worked out great.  Here is this infantile warmonger's solution to the Ukraine situation:

"What would I do now? 

I’d commit a division of troops, say the Third Infantry Division, to the parts of Ukraine not currently involved in the fighting. I’d speed up war material and aid to Ukraine including training in counter-insurgency operations. I would order the shootdown of the next Russian military aircraft that “accidently” penetrates into US airspace probing our North American defenses."

And how about when Russia sent a division of troops to Cuba or Mexico?  What would you do then?  And when Russians shot down a couple of our planes?  Having sent our troops to the Ukraine for something that didn't affect us at all, what would be your response then?  Wouldn't you have to use those troops?

John Ransom's answer to Russian attacks on the Ukraine?  Start World War III.  I'll stick with Obama.

But this jackass isn't done yet:

"If I had a million dollars I'd pay a million dollars tomorrow for a reporter to ask Obama if he even still has a set of balls."

Adult policy discussion at its finest.

Repair Man Jack, Red State:  "Citizens, Looters, and The Police – Why We Need The 2nd Amendment"

Because if the police won't shoot the n*****s when they have the chance, we'll just have to do it ourselves.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "BLACK PANTHERS Lead Massive March in Ferguson"

BLACK PANTHERS!!!!  Both of them!  Run for the hills!!!  Really, two of them!  Out of their current membership of about eight.  Oh my God, our country is defeated!

Clarice Feldman, American Thinker:  "Ferguson, Missouri, to Gaza, Damascus and Sinjar...In the Middle East, Hamas and ISIS share much with the rioters in Missouri."

Yeah, that's the ticket.  Murderous religious savages who have brutally killed thousands are just the same as American blacks who are protesting one of their own being murdered.

Of course, it's all Obama's fault.  And the fault of the culture of violence among Black people which obviously is the cause of a black teenager being shot in the back by a white policeman.  Face it, the wronger white right wingers prove to be about everything, the more they are going to angrily defend their sickening beliefs, because all the brown people in the world dying is not as bad as one white cracker being forced to admit to himself that he has been suckered into being an evil little prick.

Lloyd Marcus, American Thinker:  "Once again, Sarah Palin has proven herself to be a true leader, a powerful voice, and a consistent advocate for We The People"

The stupid, it burns.  Lloyd continues to quote Mahatma Gandhi, a well known Republican pundit:

"Gandhi said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

In your case, Lloyd, it never gets beyond the laughing.  After all the years you've been carrying the White Man's baggage, you'd think you would start to figure that out.

Bob Barr, Town Hall:  "Have We learned Nothing in the 23 Years Since the Rodney King Riots?"

Apparently not very much.  If by "we," you mean white racists, Bob.  On the other hand, everyone else has learned a lot.  It used to take a city of 10,000,000 to produce what happened in Ferguson, population 21,000.  Think about that, and think about all of the people in this country that have reached the end of their tolerance for people like you.  Think hard enough and maybe you will learn something too.  If not, don't worry. A couple of more situations like Ferguson, and they will teach it to you for free.

Cortney O'brien, Town Hall:  "Unbiased: 'SNL' Team Calls Sarah Palin 'Ridiculous'

Imagine that!

Jack Cashill, American Thinker:  "Trayvon's Death Taught Liberals Nothing"

And what was it supposed to have taught us?  That black teenagers are drug-addled thugs that are fair game for white people to gun down any time they want?  I couldn't even read all of this article, but believe me, the gist of it was that the two teenage black kids murdered deserved their fate, because they were walking around where a white guy with a gun didn't want them to be.  End of story.

Russ Vaughn, American Thinker:  "Just what is an unarmed man?  I’m a white man who many decades ago was a military policeman – one who had frequent encounters with unarmed young black soldiers who all too frequently vigorously resisted arrest.  Except that they weren’t unarmed for the simple reason that they were young and strong and possessed quick fighting reflexes honed on the hard streets where they were raised. "

See?  They were armed with their black skin!  That's a deadly weapon, so they don't count as unarmed, and therefore white guys have a perfect right to kill them.  I guess you pantywaist liberals never thought of that, huh?

Deborah C. Tyler, American Thinker:  "Obama's Rage"

This is an a article about one of the rarest commodities on earth, something on the order of those trans-uranium atoms that, if they exist at all, apparently only exist for millionths of a second before disappearing- something that no one has ever seen in real life.  Man, if someone could only get hold of a couple drops of Obama rage, they'd be as rich as the Koch brothers.

Bryan Fischer, Renew America:  "High school senior Kendra Turner was suspended for saying "Bless you" when a fellow student sneezed in class. Not for saying "God bless you," mind you, but simply "Bless you."  Her enraged teacher aggressively informed her that there would be "no godly speaking" in her classroom and sent her to the assistant principal's office when Kendra took her stand on the Constitution. You know, the document that talks about our right to freedom of speech and the free exercise of religion."

I'm sure you can spot a wingnut tall tale by now, particularly when it comes from Bryan Fischer, America's chief Liar for God.  No, of course this didn't really happen this way.  And no, she wasn't suspended.  She was sent to the Principal's office when she wouldn't stop babbling away about her religion in class, creating a disruption.  That's the end of the story, except in wingnut word, where it will never die, and will probably soon morph into a tale in which the teacher and principal had her sent over to ISIS to be crucified.

Dan Popp, Renew America:  "What does "militarization of the police" mean?"

Dan does not seem to be able to figure this out, so I thought I would help him with these pictures:

Police, 1950:

Police today:

There, Dan.  Did that help you out?

Well, let's just go out with the one person who belongs at the bottom of anyone's pile of garbage:

Jonah Goldberg, Town Hall:  "Does the president think the world is a TV show?"

No. If it was, it would have been cancelled a long time ago.

McCain Breaks the Hypocrisy Meter Again

Let's get the history out of the way first.

Here's what actually happened:
" 2008 George W. Bush signed the U.S.–Iraq Status of Forces Agreement. It included a deadline of 31 December 2011, before which "all the United States Forces shall withdraw from all Iraqi territory". The last U.S. troops left Iraq on 18 December 2011, in accordance with this agreement."

Or from another source:
"The Bush administration had agreed to withdraw all troops from Iraq by the end of 2011, in order to obtain a status of forces agreement in 2008. President Obama later urged Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to accept American troops in Iraq after 2011, but after the Iraqis would not grant a status of forces agreement that would grant certain immunities to American soldiers, the U.S. military advised Obama to completely pull out of Iraq."

Got that straight, now?  It was George W. Bush who locked the United States into an ironclad departure date from Iraq.  Obama actually tried to negotiate that, but the Iraqis (having discovered in the previous decade what wonderful friends of theirs U.S. troops were) were having none of it.  So Obama had to keep the miserable troop removal agreement that was the last of all the miserable moves the Bush administration made in Iraq.

Here, in fact, from the Bush White House website, are some of the farcical remarks that Bush made upon the conclusion of that agreement
"I am also looking forward to signing the joint statement here affirming two landmark agreements that solidify Iraq's democratic gains, that recognize Iraq's sovereignty, and that puts the relations between our two countries on a solid footing today and a solid footing tomorrow. They cement a strategic partnership between our two countries, and they pave the way for American forces to return home, as the war in Iraq approaches a successful end...And our plan is working. You notice I say "our plan." Today, violence is down dramatically. Al Qaeda is driven from its safe havens. Sunnis, Shia, and Kurds are sitting together at the same table to part -- to peacefully chart the future of this country. There is hope in the eyes of Iraqis' young. This is a future of what we've been fighting for -- a strong and capable democratic Iraq that will be a force of freedom and a force for peace in the heart of the Middle East; a country that will serve as a source for stability in a volatile region; a country that will deny a safe haven to al Qaeda. As a result of these successes, Mr. Prime Minister, the American people are safer...The agreement lays out a framework for the withdrawal of American forces in Iraq -- a withdrawal that is possible because of the success of the surge."
A minute or two after these idiotic comments, someone threw a shoe at Bush.  Too bad it wasn't a brick, and too bad it missed.

Well, that sets the stage.  Now, on to last March.  Here's a wonderful photo of John McCain with some of his new-found friends, on the occasion of one more attempt to undermine the black guy who beat him in 2008:

So, who are these guys?

"Back in May 2013, Forever Warmonger John McCain was really excited about the prospects of arming the Syrian moderates who were fighting to free that country from the iron grip of Bashar al-Assad.  
Only one small problem with the little photo-op: ...some of the ... guys in the pic are apparently members of a slightly less “moderate” group: ISIS, the guys who are currently bringing down Iraq, and the photo is reportedly being circulated by ISIS as proof of their legitimacy. Oops."

Yup, the other guys in this photo are members of ISIS, and in his never-ending quest to destroy the legitimacy of Barack Obama's Presidency, McCain joined forces with them and worked to arm them.  ISIS!  McCain actually worked to arm ISIS, just a few months ago!  A group which has committed themselves to attacking the United States, and McCain is on their side, not ours.  Think about that, the next time you hear talk about "adhering to the enemy, giving them aid and comfort."

Well, anyway, all of that is only background to McCain's latest outburst.  Here he is now:

"Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) reacted this morning to the execution of an American journalist by ISIS, arguing that the growth of ISIS is a direct result of President Obama's decision to leave no residual U.S. force in Iraq. 

Obama has said recently that the Iraqi government would not agree on a deal to leave some U.S. troops in the country. McCain disputed that, saying the president always "wanted out of Iraq." 

"He's not telling the truth when he says he wanted to leave a residual force behind. He did not and that was a huge mistake. These things are not like earthquakes or hurricanes. Failures of policies have consequences and we are paying those consequences in an enormous cost of human blood and it's a debacle," said McCain. 

McCain said there needs to be more U.S. boots on the ground, though that doesn't necessarily mean "combat troops," in order to defeat ISIS. McCain criticized Obama saying we have to "contain" ISIS, rather than defeat them."

Yes, that's right, John...It's Obama who agreed to pull the troops out (lie.)

 "He's not telling the truth when he says he wanted to leave a residual force behind."- (lie)

"Obama has said recently that the Iraqi government would not agree on a deal to leave some U.S. troops in the country. McCain disputed that (lie,) saying the president always "wanted out of Iraq."

Well, as for always wanting out of Iraq, that one is true.  No sane person wanted to prolong our involvement there, and the greatest failure of Obama's Presidency is that he didn't announce at his inaugural that Bush and Cheney had lost their war of aggression, and Obama intended to remove all troops immediately.

Let's just cut to the core of things here:  This guy is not just a compulsive liar, he is a traitor, who is willing to side with the most savage terrorists in the world if it hurts the elected United States government.  But he is still treated like the grand old man of American politics.  Too bad we didn't have the sense to treat him the same way he wanted to treat Bowe Bergdahl, and leave him in that damned cage in Vietnam, where he belonged.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mass Panic Is The Answer

Well, as anyone could have predicted, the right is working itself up into a fury at President Obama's refusal to display a state of utter craziness over the death of one American at the hands of ISIS.  A good case in point, one of the great number of Conservative pundits who have never been right about anything in their lives, Bill Kristol, here in an interview with Newsmax (no link to this sort of thing, as is Green Eagle's habit:)

"Conservative editor Bill Kristol says President Barack Obama's lackluster response to the beheading of American journalist James Foley smacks of the dismissal of the Nazis during World War II. 

"To have an American murdered and have the president just go out and say he's very angry . . ...These guys are coming after us. They're coming after any American they can get their hands on and others in the region. They're going to come after Poland and Americans elsewhere in Europe and others," Kristol said. 

"Obama's response is so inappropriate, so out of scale to the magnitude now of the challenge and the grotesqueness, really, that is this group."

"Lackluster."  Well, I for one want to thank President Obama for not falling prey to the conservative bait and acting like the world is coming to an end.  He will have his retribution- just ask Osama Bin Laden.  And he has no intention of panicking world financial markets or inducing large numbers of American to cower under their beds.  He's already shown that a few airstrikes can inflict significant damage on ISIS, and fill them with so much fear that they have downgraded their behavior from a strong military advance to a pathetic stunt like this.  Yeah, one unarmed American was barbarically murdered by ISIS, but one unarmed American met the same fate last week at the hands of the Ferguson Police Department, and I don't see Bill Kristol and his compadres calling on Obama to attack them, or calling them Nazis.

Obama has set exactly the right tone here.  This group, no matter how vicious and barbaric, is no threat to this country, and what is more, Obama has made it clear that if they become enough of a threat to anyone else, he's ready to do something about it.  In the meantime, he is determined to see to it that ISIS does not get a huge propaganda victory from this incident, which is all that the Bill Kristols of this world would accomplish if they had the chance to control things.

Benghazi II

I'll tell you what makes me just about ready to give up and crawl in a hole somewhere:  The absolute certainty that the death of an American journalist at the hands of ISIS is going to be the justification for another two year round of Republican attacks on Obama.  Is there anyone out there that thinks for one second that Darryl Issa is not already planning more hearings?  Or that Republicans everywhere are warming up their distortion machines?  An election is coming up, and this is just perfect for them.

There used to be this thing in our country about coming together in a time of crisis.  Republicans called those who wouldn't fall in line behind Bush's criminal conduct traitors.  Well, that is all over now.  Instead of a shred of an attempt to deal rationally with this nearly intractable problem, we are going to get nothing but lies and abuse from the Republican party.

And if that is not enough, we now have a virtual promise from Mitch McConnell to shut the government down again and again after November if the Republicans take control of the Senate.

So, two more years of the same, because at this point, this miserable, treacherous, minority party has nothing else to offer, and they are willing to destroy us all rather than give up the power which they can now only hold through criminality and disloyalty.