Friday, February 12, 2016

Not With a Bang, But With a Whimper

So, the latest right wing Patriot Revolution came to an end yesterday, the same way they all do-in miserable, humiliating failure.

Judging from the belligerent talk of the last four holdouts, we are lucky it didn't end with a few bangs, but instead, it ended for good, I think, when the last guy standing demanded marijuana before he would come out.  At that point, I think, any shred of credibility these people had vanished into the smoke from his bong.

Not that this is unprecedented.  The belligerent claims that they are just about to lead a revolution any day now always end in this sort of humiliation, when it turns out that, despite endless national publicity, their uprisings inevitably end up attracting a couple hundred people at most.  If you are interested in more of these ludicrous incidents, I would like to direct you to a post I made in December of 2014, listing a fair number of them which had taken place in the couple of previous years.

The truth is that, despite their own self-delusions, and despite what is essentially a conspiracy in the mainstream press to allow these people to present themselves as representing a significant number of Americans, they are little more than circus freaks.  As you can see by noticing that,  other than hard core observers like myself, and the ever-valuable Dave Niewert, coverage of them disappeared the minute the last guy took his last toke and stumbled out of his filth-ridden encampment.  I could hardly find a word of it on the nightly news, the very day the whole thing ended, while the reporters went back to their obsession with essentially meaningless (unless you're Marco Rubio) debates.

Now, as Niewert points out, all that remains to see is if LaVoy Finicum's death provokes another "lone wolf" violent attack, as Waco and Ruby Ridge led to the Oklahoma City bombing.  We'll see, but I think the hysterical behavior of the last holdouts during the final day, thoughtfully provided by the protesters themselves, must have rendered them so lacking in credibility that it will be hard to find anyone willing to kill to avenge this miserable failure.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Socialism For Me, Not For You

Cliven Bundy has asked for a public defender.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


It's just after 11 PM Pacific time now.  Anyone who sees this needs to turn to Crooks and Liars and spend a few minutes listening to the live audio feed coming right now from the four people left at the Oregon wildlife refuge.

I must say that, in my entire life, I have never heard such madness.  These people are in a state where they could do anything.  I won't even characterize it- I can't even begin to find the words to describe the state that these people are in.  The raving about the government is truly beyond belief- and you know how much time I've spent following crazed right wingers.  Well, here is the truth with the mask ripped off, and it is really scary.  Anything could happen at this point.  Please, if you read this post in the next little while, click on the link and listen.  It is truly frightening, and a horrible demonstration of what we have bred by letting these people get away with their malignant idiocy for years.

It's really hard to hear, but I will try to listen for a while longer to hear if they really go over the edge and start shooting.

Update:  It's about 11:45.  I've never in my life heard adults work themselves up into a state of hysteria in my life.  I thought like a bunch of two year olds throwing a tantrum, they would have worn themselves out by now, but they seem to be determined to work themselves in a state where they could do anything, including a Butch and Sundance scenario.  They seem to have convinced themselves that if they die, a revolution is going to start tomorrow, and in my admittedly untrained opinion, I think they are working themselves up into a murderous state.  I'm going to have to stop listening soon.  I shudder to think what we will find by tomorrow morning.

These are truly evil people.  We all have a responsibility to not give in to such hatred, but these guys are just surrendering to the worst of all human emotions.

Now they are saying that if the feds tear gas them, they have a right to start shooting.  Within a couple of hours, they will talk themselves into believing that anything the feds do is a justification to start shooting.  They are demanding that the feds turn the headlights on their vehicles off.  Soon, that will be a big enough excuse.

I wish every person in the United States could hear this- it would let them all understand just how crazy and violent these people are.

Update 2:  Well, these jackasses promised to surrender at 8:00 AM this morning, but it's now 9:30 and of course they are still there, blabbing about Obamacare and liberty and Sharia law.

Here's something funny.  The guy says that Sharia law isn't the law in the United States because US law comes from our God-given rights.  This remark alone may qualify him to be nominated for the Nobel Prize in Lack of Self Awareness.

Got to go out for a while- I'm sure I'll have more later.

And That Little More:  Early afternoon, and its all over.  The last jackass surrendered after his demands for disbanding the police, ending abortion and Obmacare, and for weed, were not met.  This incident, if nothing else, should definitively demonstrate what self-centered assholes these people are, and how little they really care about the Constitution, this country, or anything else that they don't think will benefit themselves instantly.  In other words, except for being more stupid than most, typical Conservatives.  I tell you what- blaming these people barely makes more sense than blaming a puppy or eating a shoe.  The real blame lies on both the right wing politicians and spokesmen who have egged these people on, closer and closer to violence, over the years, and the media and Democrats who have steadfastly refused to deal in public with this pack of fascist, violent, armed subhumans.

New Hampshire

So, let's take a look at the New Hampshire Republican results.  I'm going to ignore everyone who got less than one percent, just to make this a little easier.

Trump 35.3%
Kasich 15.8%
Cruz         11.7%
Bush 11.0%
Rubio 10.6%
Christie         7.4%
Fiorina 4.1%
Carson 2.3%

Well, here's the story.  Fiorina and Christie are already out, and Carson is only holding on because he lives in a dream world.  And, we all know that the Republican party is never going to nominate John Kasich, one of the most boring candidates on earth.

These people all pretty well break down into two categories- the figures who are acceptable to the big money guys that really run the Republican party, and the insurgents; the candidates for the really, really angry guys.  And, of course, Carly Fiorina, who tried to be both things- a (miserable) CEO and a really angry person, all at once.  That got her all the way up to 4.1% of the vote, because the rich guys think she's crazy, and the crazy people don't think she is crazy enough, so I think we can set her aside too.

On the rich guy  side of this list (otherwise laughably known as the "moderates,") are Kasich, Bush, Rubio and Christie.  On the cazy side are Trump, Cruz and Carson.  So, assuming (as I think it is safe to do) that Kasich doesn't have a chance, Cruz is on a downhill slide already because no one trusts him, Rubio self destructed in the last week, Christie has given up, and Carson was never going to go anywhere; and also assuming that the people who voted for the "establshment" guys will gravitate to another establishment guy, and the crazies will do the same for the one crazy left, what do we have?  Just add up the percentages:

Trump (and Trump-like candidates) 49.3%
Jeb! (and Jeb-like candidates) 44.8%

That near tie, I think, is what things are going to come down to in a few more weeks.  And this is without the immense pressure that the Kochs, Adelson, the Waltons can put on the party to do what they want.  And this is also ignoring the clear fact that Trump appeals to many people because of the carnival aspect of his run, and a certain percentage of them will get tired of the show before too much longer.  Maybe not a lot, but if ten percent decide they've had enough time in the fun house, the race is tied.

Well, I'm probably making a phenomenal fool out of myself saying this, and if so, I will cop to it.  But, as no one wants to notice, the totally devastated Bush managed to outpoll the rising star Rubio.  Compared to Bush's status as recently as a few weeks ago, this is a rather strong comeback, and if the rich guys line up behind him, things could look a lot different by the time of the conventions.

Monday, February 8, 2016


I hope I can induce you to take a look at this short video showing the damage inflicted on the Syrian city of Homs by its government:

Drone footage over HomsAfter years of war, parts of Homs, Syria, are crumbling and deserted. New drone footage shows the extent of the devastation.
Posted by Channel 4 News on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

And Israel is regularly savaged for being the worst country on earth because they have knocked down houses belonging to suicide attackers.

Naturally, you only have to read down a little way in the comments on this video to find people blaming the destruction of Homs on Israel:

"West , USA , Isreal (sic) and Arabs states are responsible for all these in Syria" 

"constantly dying in Iraq and Syria due to the Government of the United States and Israel" 

" typical Zionism Christian blaming Muslim" 

"Typical Zionist responses everywhere. Let's blame Muslims and say that they typically blame Israel for all problems."

Ted Nugent Really Gets Down To It

Courtesy of Crooks and Liars, here is an image that appeared on Ted Nugent's facebook site:
The next time that someone tries to tell you that right wingers are the Jews' best friends, show them this.

Needless to say, Nugent will be able to get away with this without a shred of consequence, because his hatred is exactly what the right runs on.

And by the way, this sort of knocks a hole in the theory that there is no connection between attacking the state of Israel and anti-semitism.

Did Anyone Else Notice This?

Am I the only one (highly unlikely) or is the press up to its usual Repubican-coddling tricks?

Last month, the Democrats had two debates on the weekend.  This was immediately decried by Republicans as a sign of fatal weakness, hiding their agenda from the public, which would supposedly not watch a weekend debate and/or some sort of dirty trick by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz; a claim which was picked up by the Sunday morning talking heads and proclaimed far and wide among the mainstream meda.

Well, this week, the Republicans had a Saturday night debate.

Not a peep.

How strange.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Wingnut Wrapup

If you don't empty the garbage can, there won't be any room for more garbage, will there?  Of course, some of you may criticize Green Eagle here, bringing up the fact that jumping in the garbage can isn't the same as emptying it, but maybe the garbage will get crushed down so there will be room for more:

These days, they're scared of everything:

Justin Holcombe, Town Hall:  "Yikes: Iran Flew Drone Over US Aircraft Carrier"

Absolute proof, I guess, that Obama is a weak leader, since he didn't bomb the crap out of Iran, using this meaningless act as an excuse.

Bryan Crabtree, Town Hall:  "Think Trump’s Bankruptcies Make Him Unqualified? That's Foolish"

Proof of how much "success" in business really means to Republicans.  Because nothing makes a person more qualified to be President to today's right wing, than being totally incompetent.  You know, a lot of Republicans have been idiotically screaming for years that the country is about to go bankrupt.  So maybe Trump is the most qualified person to be President- he's the only one with the experience of doing that.

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "Santorum Upset With Media Who 'Never Put His Name' on Election Polls"

Green Eagle is upset about the same thing.  Who knows- at this point Green Eagle thinks he has a pretty good shot at outpolling Santorum.

John Bicknell, Town Hall:  "The Improper Campaign Against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton...A bedrock principle of American justice is that every defendant is treated the same."

Ha ha.  Ha ha ha.  Every defendant is treated the same.  Ha ha.  Okay, let's just move on here.

Joe Cunningham, Red State:  "Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Has The Worst Idea Imaginable"

This has something to do with using snap chat, which is apparently a worse idea than, say, invading Iran or kicking twelve million people off of health insurance, or spending fifty or sixty billion dollars building and maintaining a wall on our southern border.  Glad you've got your priorities straight, Joe.

Streiff, Red State:  "LaVoy Finicum Was Shot Dead, But Will His Death Have Any Meaning?"

No.  Simple answers to simple questions.  Actually, I feel compelled to say that Streiff, who I've commented on before, has actually written a very sensible and fair article about this incident.  I just want to take this opportunity to protest anything that might compromise the totally negative role Finicum played in our nation's history.

I'll back up my statement by doing something I rarely do here: linking to Streiff's post.

Chris Guzman, PJ Media:  "'Bored' Hillary Clinton Tweets an Image from Her Benghazi Hearing to Mock the Iowa GOPDebate ...Trolling political enemies reaches a new low."

A new low.  Lower than calling your Democratic opponents Satanic anti-American Communist terror agents who are working to destroy the country.

Jim Hoft:  "BREAKING VIDEO=> LaVoy Finicum FBI Murder Footage – With His Hands Up"

I'm just going to let this remark, from the legendary Stupidest Man On The Internet (and also the most unapologetic liar, in a very crowded right wing field,) totally contradicting what anyone can see on the video, stand in for what you know is the inevitable wingnut response to this incident- "it never happened- who you going to trust, me or your lying eyes?"

And while we are on the subject of Jim Hoft, here's the Least Likely Incident To Turn Into a Scandal, of the year so far:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Crazed Leftist Brings Kids With Him to Spray Pro-Lifers With Tomato Juice"

Crazed rightists, of course, hole up in a government building and threaten to kill Federal agents.  That's okay, I guess.  Tomato juice, not so much.  Jim continues:

"Though often under-reported in the mainstream media, pro-life advocates who protest outside of abortion centers often are targets of harassment and sometimes violence."

Tomato Juice- violence.  Actually killing women's clinic employees, not so much.

Clenard Childress, Renew America:  "I was naked and you clothed me"

And a good thing too.  Judging from the part of you we can still see, it would not have been a pretty sight.  It only took Clenard a few sentences to descend to this point:

"The insidious Planned Parenthood was exposed dismembering live children (abortion) and the selling of their body parts. We must conclude that the "slave block" is still alive and well in America when it was discovered whole infant cadavers were being sold on the black market, all graphically recorded for all of America to see...Those who are familiar with the bible and Jesus teachings have taken a deep breath and understand that the courageous efforts of David Daleiden and the Center For Medical Progress was unquestionably an orchestrated project of God Himself"

God is all for lying.

Jeremy Eger, American Thinker:  "Donald Trump Is Aaron Burr Reincarnated"

Well, he is someone reincarnated.  That's for sure:

Rick Moran, American Thinker:  "Outrage: Administration may have handed thousands of illegal alien kids over to human traffickers"

For all we know, they may have handed them over to lizard people from outer space.  It would have been far better, I guess, to have adopted the Republican plan of just busing them up to the border and shoving them across.

And now, time for some adult conversation from the right:

Doug Giles, Town Hall:  "Dear Male Cowards: Islam LOVES Your Political CorrectnessI don't know who started the politically correct pussification process of the male collective, but I'd like to find them and pistol whip them into next week with my S&W Model 29 for ruining our planet."

Ooh, we're running scared now, Doug.  You are a manly man- why, you even have memorized the model number of your gun.

Bruce Bialosky Town Hall:  "Hillary’s Dance with The Devil...Ms. Clinton has placed at the core of her campaign the fact that she is a woman and that it would be so nice to have a woman in the White House."

I really do understand, Bruce, how to that segment of males who have never been able to understand why women do not fall at their feet, just because those males are unappealing, self-absorbed jerks, that being a woman would be the next thing to being Satan himself.  Forgive us if understanding you doesn't make us agree with you.

Years ago, Bruce used to be a columnist for the Los Angeles Times. I think they replaced him with Jonah Goldberg- the only time in the history of the world where hiring Jonah Goldberg was a move in the right direction.

Steve Chapman, Town Hall:  "Is Rising Violence a 'Ferguson Effect'?"

Just in case you didn't understand that, what Steve is saying is that crime is caused by black people being upset that a white cop gunned down an unarmed black teenager.  If they were just fine with things like that happening every few days, crime would just disappear from our society.

Roger Kimball, PJ Media:  "How to Trim the Fat in the Ivy League...Are Ivy League institutions too rich?"

This article contains the helpful suggestion that we could cut those evil Ivies down to size by one simple step:  stealing all of their money.  Really.  That's his answer to the world's most respected institutions of higher learning- destroy them, presumably so the American people could become even more ignorant and savage (i.e. Republican) than they already are.  By the way, I don't remember Roger ever asking if the Koch brothers or the Waltons, who each have more money than any one of the ivies, are too rich.

And if crushing the most respected colleges in the country doesn't do the trick, how about trying this suggestion from one of Roger's commenters?

"Cut way back on student loans and see what happens."

Kick poor people out of school- that will solve the problem.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Popular Conservative Liz Cheney to Run for Congress"

Giving a new meaning to the word "popular."  Something along the lines of "not hated by quite as many people as her father is."

John Hawkins, Town Hall:  "Dear American Muslims, Can We Have An Honest Talk?"

Not with someone like you, jerk.  John believes that all American Muslims need to come crawling to Christians on their knees, begging for forgiveness for ISIS.  No word about how Christians should feel about the Bundys, or Ted Cruz.

Bridget Johnson, PJ Media:  "Carson: 'Will There Be Any Consequences' for Cruz Camp's 'Dirty Tricks'?"

Yeah.  The day after there are any consequences for his attempt to sabotage the government and destroy the economy.  Or for him being fucking psychotic.

Matt Towery, Town Hall:  "Matt Towery: Messy Democrat Contest Might Result in a 'Putative' VP Choice"

Messy Democrat Contest.  Yup, that's what he said.  How do you make fun of a line like that, coming from a Republican?

Devon Herrick, Town Hall:  "Affordable Health Plans Have Gone Extinct; Obamacare Killed Them Off"

First of all, before Obamacare, there were no affordable health plans in the U.S.  Second, what about the 17 million mostly poor and moderate income people who now have medical care under Obamacare that didn't before?  Man, what's the use- it's just the same lies over and over again.

Ann Coulter, Town Hall:  "Any politician who claims to care about the drug overdose deaths sweeping the nation, but does not demand that we build a wall, deport illegal aliens and end the anchor baby scam, is a liar."

And cut taxes on the rich.  You forgot that one, Ann.  There's no such thing as a Republican plan for anything that doesn't include that.

Justin Holcomb, Town Hall:  "Watch: George W. Bush Finally Makes an Appearance for His Brother"

No thanks.  I'll just scroll back up and look at the picture of Curly for a little longer.

Michael Goldstein, American Thinker:  "Should We Destroy ISIS?  We certainly could, but would it be wise to destroy the foremost threat to Obama’s anointed hegemon, Iran, spilling more American blood and expending more of our borrowed treasure in the process?"

Well, here it is- a new low in Obama hatred.  Republicans scream bloody murder about how ISIS is going to come over here and murder all of us in our beds, but when it comes to choosing between ISIS and Obama, they still side with ISIS.  And remember when Democrats were called traitors for daring to criticize George W. Bush's three trillion dollar disaster in Iraq?

Anthony Bright-Paul, American Thinker:  "Why Skeptics are Losing the Climate Change Battle"

Because they are not "skeptics," they are paid corporate liars?

Shikha Dalmia, Reason:  "Critics Don't Want To Admit Flint's Water Crisis Is Due to Stimulus Plan Rather Than Austerity"

They don't want to admit it!  And just because it isn't true!  What a bunch of spoilsports!

Weasel Zippers:  "Russians Depict Obama As Murderous Devil Who Should Be Put On Trial At The Hague…"

Well, at last they have found common ground with the Republican party.

And that's where I get off the bus for today.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Really, What Is There To Say?

I haven't been posting much lately.  I took a look at a lot of liberal sites that I have bookmarked, and I noticed that many of their writers don't seem to be posting much either.  And I am sure it's not because they have lost interest; it is because there is so little point in saying the same obvious things over and over again, only to have them drowned out by the right wing noise machine and the stupid, corrupt mainstream media.

In the official Beltway pundit world these days, Bernie Sanders, a serious, life long liberal politician, with carefully thought out policies which also happen to be supported by a large majority of Americans, is just the same as the loudmouthed racist carnival barker Trump.  And Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most accomplished person to run for President in decades, is the same as the puerile, lying empty suit Marco Rubio.

And we know that the mainstream press is going to keep repeating these grotesque distortions of political reality a thousand times a day, every day until the election.  We also know that we have only begun to see the sewage pit of lies that the Republicans are going to hurl at the eventual Democratic nominee, which will go largely unquestioned by the talking heads who inhabit our journalistic world.

And all of this in the service of the nauseatingly rich owners of the press in this country, along with owning just about everything else, even though these Republican politicians and "reporters" know perfectly well that they are driving this country over a cliff, in order to make a few more billion dollars for the Koch brothers and the Waltons.

No wonder it is hard, when it actually comes down to it, to sit at a keyboard and try to write something that is true.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Can there be a person in the entire country who would support Ted Cruz after seeing this picture of him and his wife?
Really, he could be the second coming of Jesus (as he seems to think he is,) and still, who could stand the thought of having to look at things like this for the next four years?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How Little We Know

Here is an aerial view of a place called Amghirar, in the hills of Southern Morocco, from Google Earth.  I just sort of found it by accident:
From the air, it appears like we could be looking back through time to 2,000 or 3,000 BC.  What could people think about in a place like this?  What do they feel?  Are they pretty much like us, or are they so foreign that we can't really understand them at all?

Looking at this really makes me feel like I am an isolated, very unusual (and not particularly interesting) sort of person, living in the Hollywood Hills, without a clue of the forces swirling around us every day.  I feel a sort of hopelessness at the idea that I can really understand anything.

Well, this is probably the most useless post I have ever made.  Sorry if it caused you to think I'm a little deranged.  Nice picture though, huh?

A little more:  I mentioned Catal Huyuk in the comments.  Catal Huyuk, in Turkey, dates from about 7,000 BC, and is the earliest settlement of any size of which we can be fairly certain about its nature.  I thought that people might like to see a reconstruction of Catal Huyuk:
Of course, there were no streets in Catal Huyuk; access to the buildings was from the roofs.  Still, the degree that things have not changed in 9,000 years is pretty spectacular to me.  What do people whose lives have remained so unchanged in all those millennia think when electricity (and TV) come to their homes, and they see what life looks like in New York or Los Angeles?

The Iowa Caucuses

Who cares?